What Types of Merchandise Have Chicago Bears Graphics?

Merchandise featuring the Chicago Bears logo includes apparel, collectibles, novelties and assorted textile products. Nearly any piece of clothing, from undergarments to hats, is available with the Bears' logo. Replica jerseys are among the most popular items, and they come in men's, women's and children's sizes. As of 2014, the Bears ranked seventh in overall merchandise sales.

Originally named the Decatur Staleys, the team's title and hometown were changed by its second owner, George Halas, in 1922. Adopted the same year, the original team logo was a black bear atop a football. The team colors, orange and blue, were inspired by the owner's alma mater, the University of Illinois. In 1964, the Bears adopted the iconic stylized "C," representing Chicago. In 1974, a slight modification was made to the "C" as the color changed from white to orange with white trim. The Bears logo is among the most recognizable in the NFL.

Merchandise sales revenue is shared between 31 of the NFL's 32 teams, the Dallas Cowboys being the sole team to opt out. These sales only represent a portion of the leagues overall revenue though. The majority of leagues' shared 2014 revenue of $7.3 billion comes from exclusive TV deals with networks and cable providers.