What Types of Interests Are Related to Outdoor Life?


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Hunting, fishing, hiking, backpacking and camping are a few interests related to outdoor life. Other diverse interests and activities such as kayaking, horseback riding, rafting, canoeing and rock climbing are also part of outdoor life.

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Both hiking and backpacking fall under the category known as trekking, the act of walking through the natural environment for enjoyment. Individuals can prepare themselves for trekking by swimming and jogging, and they often find first aid, survival and navigation skills to be useful. Individuals can practice fishing from shore or from a boat; options include fly-fishing, angling, netting and trapping. Recreational fishing is subject to laws dictating which types and how many fish an angler can keep, and many areas require a current fishing license.

Individuals practice recreational hunting for purposes such as food, trophies and pleasure, and they may use a variety of weapons ranging from shotguns and rifles to crossbows. Hunters must follow their state's bag limits and seasons pertaining to game species and weapon.

Camping involves spending at least one night outdoors away from developed areas. Campers often sleep in tents, but they may also utilize motor homes, primitive structures or caravans. Variations include bicycle camping, canoe camping, survivalist camping and winter camping.

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