What Types of Holsters Does El Paso Saddlery Make?

What Types of Holsters Does El Paso Saddlery Make?

Types of holsters made by El Paso Saddlery include concealment, duty, hunting/field, military, and exotic. The company also makes western and classic carry style holsters, as of May 2015.

The concealment, hunting/field and western holster types have subcategories available. Subcategories of concealment and hunting/field include shoulder holsters, crossdraw and strong side. Subcategories of western holsters are authentic, cowboy action, crossdraw and shoulder holsters.

The company provides instructions on taking measurements to prevent customer mistakes, as the belts and holsters are based on the customer's waist size and the length of the gun barrel. Although products are custom-made to fit the customer, product patterns usually can't be modified.

El Paso Saddlery began in 1889. The company accepts orders placed online or over the phone, and it accepts all major credit cards. El Paso Saddlery makes its products by hand, and orders typically ship four to eight weeks after an order is placed. It makes leather products in russet brown or black. Left handed holsters are available.

To initiate a return, a customer must contact El Paso Saddlery by phone. Customized products may be subject to a custom goods returned charge.

Other types of products available through El Pas Saddlery include belts, complete rigs, scabbards/bags, shotgun sports and accessories.