What Are Some Types and Features of Odyssey Putters?

What Are Some Types and Features of Odyssey Putters?

Several different families of Odyssey putters are available: Works, Tank, Big T and Milled Collection, among others. Each family has a different set of features and specifications, including head shape, length, head weight and suitability for right- or left-handed golfers.

Odyssey Works putters have rounded shapes that are tested and tour-proven. With technologically advanced Fusion RX inserts made from ultra-thin stainless steel mesh and Metal-X roll pattern technology, these putters produce smooth and fast rolls with fewer skids. They also have a clean matte charcoal finish for a professional appearance.

Odyssey Tank putters feature a mallet-type head, Fusion RX inserts and Metal-X roll pattern tech. Some putters in this family also have adjustable heads and counterbalance weights to provide golfers with improved balance and consistent stroke paths.

Big T putters enable golfers to align themselves to set up to the ball and stay aligned all the way through to their stroke. These contemporary-looking putters feature a black shaft and proven head shapes to accentuate alignment even more.

Odyssey’s Milled Collection putters are precision-milled and finished by hand to create refined, precise shapes. They have square heads, full-shaft offsets and flat toplines, improving the success rate of putts. With three sets of customizable weights, golfers can choose their preferred weight for the most comfortable feel while playing.

Other Odyssey putter families include Versa, White Hot Pro, White Damascus and Metal-X Milled.