What Types of Drag Racing Cars Can You Find on RacingJunk?

What Types of Drag Racing Cars Can You Find on RacingJunk?

Dragsters, funny cars, outlaws and pro stock are some of the types of drag racing cars that can be found on RacingJunk.com. Drag racing has over 200 classes of vehicles, and many of them can be found on the website.

RacingJunk is set up in a classified ad style with photos, extensive descriptions and pricing information arranged by vehicle class. Advertisers pay for their ad spots and interested buyers contact them directly to make offers, request information or complete transactions.

Dragsters are the long, thin cars most commonly associated with professional drag racing. The have very large smooth tires just behind the driver cockpit in the back and long front ends that have tiny spoked wheels at the front. Dragsters are available in gasoline powered and top fuel nitromethane models.

A funny car is identified by its fiberglass or carbon fiber body that opens completely off of the chassis with a hinge on the rear end. The chassis and the engine are custom modified units, and funny cars are available in gas and top fuel options, as well. Outlaw cars are basic stock and classic muscle cars that have had significant body, drivetrain and engine modifications.

Pro stock drag racing cars are commonly known as factory hot rods. The external body of the car can only have minor changes, but the engines can be significantly enhanced, with some motors generating more the 1,300 horsepower.