What Are Some Types of Crossbows Available From Excalibur Crossbow?


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The Matrix 355, Vixen II and Apex are some models of crossbows available from Excalibur Crossbow. Other crossbows available from Excalibur Crossbow include the Ibex SMF, Axiom SMF and Matrix Grizzly products.

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The Matrix series of products by Excalibur Crossbow includes the Matrix 330, Matrix 380 Mad Max and Matrix Grizzly crossbows. Excalibur Crossbow states that the Matrix 380 Mad Max is designed for rugged, open country terrain where natural cover is limited, whereas the Matrix 330 model is an ultra-compact and lightweight crossbow and the Matrix Grizzly was designed as an economic Matrix crossbow.

Excalibur has developed other crossbows besides those in the Matrix line of products, including the Apex, Vixen II and Micro 355. The Apex is a target crossbow designed by Excalibur with informal target shooting in mind; It has a draw weight of 90 pounds and is capable of launching projectiles at 220 feet per second. The Vixen II is a lethal, high-performance crossbow with a draw weight of 150 pounds. The Micro 335 has a draw weight of 270 pounds and its projectiles can reach speeds of 335 feet per second, yet the device itself only weighs 5.2 pounds. The Micro 335 also comes in a black "Nightmare" version.

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