What Are Some Types of Clothing for Riding a Snowmobile?


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Essential clothing for going on a ride on a snowmobile includes a jacket, gloves and goggles. A helmet, protective footwear, nylon socks and well-insulated pants are also recommended.

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The best way to dress for a snowmobile ride is to wear several layers of clothing. The shirt worn under the jacket is important, as it must retain body heat and also not become wet with sweat. A long-sleeved shirt made of a combination of merino and polyester is a great choice. It can stretch to fit the body snugly, and the polyester enables sweat to dry quickly. The merino provides warmth against precipitation and wind chill.

Cotton should never be used in any part of the clothing while riding a snowmobile. It does not dry quickly nor does it remove the moisture from the surface of the skin. Silk, polyester or synthetic blends are the best choices of fabrics. A few well-fitting layers of clothing under the jacket provides the required protection from the wind and snow.

A good jacket is essential for both men and women riders. Jackets from the best brands have dry-vent designs that do not trap moisture against the body or against other clothing. The jacket must also be well insulated and waterproof for added protection.

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