What Types of Ammunition Powder Does Alliant Powder Company Offer?

What Types of Ammunition Powder Does Alliant Powder Company Offer?

Alliant Powder sells gunpowder formulated for reloading specific types of ammunition, including rifle, shotshell, handgun and muzzleloaders. Alliant also has many different powders for each type of ammunition that are fine-tuned to perform the best for specific caliber weaponry and shooting needs.

All of Alliant Powder's reloading gun powder is smokeless, except for the Black MZ muzzleloader powder that is designed to be moisture resistant. It provides dependable ignition in any weather and its non-corrosive nature increases barrel protection.

Handgun formulas include the 2400 for magnum handguns. It is high velocity and works well with 357 or 44 magnums. The BE-86 is a versatile powder that includes a flash suppressant and Power Pistol is designed for semi-automatics with maximum velocity.

For rifle ammunition, the AR-Comp powder works for all semi-automatic and bolt action rifles and is ideal for heavy .223 and .308 match bullets. The Power Pro 4000-MR provides high performance for 7mm and .300 Winchester magnum cartridges and the Reloder 7 is a small caliber varmint load ideal for a .45-70 or .450 Marlin.

While the company does have powders for hunting applications, many of Alliant's shotshell powders are competition grade for high performance in skeet shooting and other sporting competition. The 20/28 shotshell powder is designed for sub-gauge competition guns. It is formulated for 20 and 28 gauge sporting clay shotguns, is extremely clean burning and has proven lot-to-lot consistency.