What Types of Ammunition Does Midsouth Shooters Supply Carry?


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Midsouth Shooters Supply carries centerfire pistol, centerfire rifle, rimfire and shotshell ammunition. Some brands it offers include Hornady ammunition and bullets, Nosler bullets, Buffalo Bore ammo, Federal ammunition and Remington ammunition.

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One kind of centerfire pistol ammunition that Midsouth Shooters Supply carries is Hornady's 32 ACP 60 grain XTP jacketed hollow point rounds. These bullets feature brass cases selected with high standards to ensure reliable feeding, corrosion resistance, proper hardness and chamber pressure resistance. Each cartridge's gunpowder is loaded with precision for lot-to-lot consistency and optimal velocity and pressure. The primers are carefully matched to individual loads.

Centerfire rifle ammunition that Midsouth Shooters Supply carries includes Hornady's 223 Remington 53 grain V-Max Superformance varmint rounds. This ammunition features Hornady Superformance propellant technology that increases muzzle velocity by 100 to 200 feet per second. The ammunition also features increased range and accuracy as well as flatter trajectory and less wind drift. The bullets have polymer tips.

Rimfire ammunition that Midsouth Shooters Supply offers includes Hornady 17 HMR grain NTX 50 rounds. These rounds feature V-Max polymer tips that deliver better long range accuracy and greater expansion upon impact.

Some shotshells Midsouth Shooter Supply offers include 12-gauge 2 3/4-inch #00 Buck Z-Max Zombie rounds made by Hornady. The shells are loaded with Proven Z-Max bullets and fire at 1,600 feet per second. Each shell has eight pellets.

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