What Type of Words Do You Use in Competition Cheers?

The types of words to use in competition cheers typically focus on strength, victory, movement and the repetition of the team name. Use the team name to evoke feelings of school spirit among audiences.

Football is typically envisioned as a struggle between two competing forces, and competitive cheers often reflect that with aggressive words. For example, cheers encourage football players to "attack" and to "fight" against the other team. Sometimes, these words are the focal point of the cheer, as when cheerleaders spell out the word "attack," emphasizing certain letters by clapping in order to add power to the word.

Cheerleaders encourage both players and audiences to believe in the likelihood of victory for the team, and competitive cheers emphasize this. Cheers may encourage the team with the word "go" in front of the team name, such as "Go Big Blue!" Sometimes, cheers are mixed together, as in the cheer "Go! Fight! Win!" Others combine the team name and the idea of superiority, such as cheering that "Big Blue Can't Be Beat!"

Finally, competitive cheers often emphasize the speed and movement of the football team. For example, the cheer "Hustle! Get to it! Eagles! Let's do it!" emphasizes the need to move quickly and win, while the cheer "We jam! We do for you!" emphasizes the need for the team to move speedily down the field.