What Type of Questions Do You Need to Answer to Receive Boy Scout Merit Badges?

What Type of Questions Do You Need to Answer to Receive Boy Scout Merit Badges?

Among the requirements for the American Business merit badge are explaining the American free enterprise system and describing the Industrial Revolution. The Declaration of Independence, Pledge of Allegiance and the national anthem are among the topics a Scout must discuss for the American Heritage badge.

For the Archery badge, Scouts discuss the Range Safety Rules and local and state laws for owning and using archery equipment. Scouts explain hazards and show first-aid methods as part of the Cycling badge.

To earn the Journalism badge, Scouts discuss the First Amendment's press protections and explain terms such as libel and public figures. For Music, Scouts name the five general groups of instruments and create a picture that explains how the instruments produce sound.

In Scouting Heritage, the life of Lord Robert Baden-Powell, founder of the Scouting Movement and the first chief scout of the Boy Scout Association, and two men of the scout's choosing, is discussed. The Veterinary Medicine badge requires Scouts to speak about the roles, education and training required to become a veterinarian.

Traffic Safety badge requirements include knowledge of driving requirements, the affect of alcohol and drugs, and road design. For the Weather badge, Scouts define meteorology, name dangerous weather conditions and explain weather topics such as wind, clouds and precipitation.

The question section is part of the full project that is required to earn the badge. Demonstrations and outside activities are also requirements for individual merit badges.