What Type of Questions Do You Have to Answer to Obtain the Citizenship in the World Merit Badge?


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Boy Scouts must answer a series of questions about governance to earn the Citizenship in the World merit badge as of 2015. Many of the questions require the candidate to compare the American system of government with the governments of other countries to foster a complete understanding of how international relations work. International law and organizations are also included in the requirements.

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The first question requires the candidate to explain what citizenship in the world means to him and what it takes to be a good world citizen. The next question focuses on American citizenship, with topics including the process to become one, the duties and rights that come with it and a comparison to citizenship in two other countries.

The subsequent question requires the candidate to relate how a country's natural resources, climate and geography affect its economy and ability to deal with other nations. The fourth question is international in scope, requiring a definition for international law as well as familiarity with international organizations such as the United Nations or World Health Organization. The fifth question asks the candidate to differentiate between constitutional and non-constitutional governance while providing examples of five different types of government currently in power.

The next question deals with the logistics of international relations, requiring the candidate to be familiar with terms such as ambassador and the United States and Foreign Commercial Service. He must also explain how governments are represented abroad and the purpose of passports and visas. The final question promotes an active engagement with domestic government and foreign cultures, either by visiting the U.S. State Department's website, a foreign website, meeting a scout from a different country or attending a world Scout jamboree or ethnic event.

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