What Type of Products Is Mastercraft Canada Known For?

What Type of Products Is Mastercraft Canada Known For?

Mastercraft Canada is a line of hardware products, under the branch of the corporation Canadian Tire. Mastercraft offers two lines of products, one featuring household items and the other (Mastercraft Maximum) offering more professional products.

With a wide variety of household and professional hardware, Mastercraft Canada has become one of the largest hardware companies in Canada. The primary brand, Canadian Tire, has been operating for over 90 years, and though it originally specialized in tires, it has massively expanded to provide everything necessary to meet the needs of the Canadian family.

Mastercraft offers a lifetime warranty on many of its smaller products and handtools. The Mastercraft Maximum products typically come with a limited 3-5 year warranty, with proof of purchase.

Departing from the automotive sphere, Mastercraft Canada offers everything necessary for small home repairs and the do-it-yourself type of person. Shoppers can find hand tools such as tape measures, ratchets, sockets, wrenches and pliers. Hammers, visegrips, screwdrivers, axes, chisels and staple guns are also offered, as are handsaws, sanders, levels, chalk line, and much more.

The professional line, Mastercraft Maximum, carries power tools and garage equipment. Shoppers can even find very large, stationary power tools such as table saws, bench grinders, table and spindle sanders, drill presses and arc welders.