What Type of Locations Are Ideal for Hunting Prairie Dogs?


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Ideal locations for prairie dog hunting are in the grasslands of the Great Plains region. Kansas and Nebraska are the two most popular states for prairie dog hunting.

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What Type of Locations Are Ideal for Hunting Prairie Dogs?
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Prairie dogs dominate much of the Great Plains region. Living in massive colonies called towns, prairie dog communities range in numbers from hundreds to thousands of prairie dogs. The average prairie dog town covers half a square mile, but the largest on record is over 25,000 square miles and housed more than an estimated 400 million prairie dogs.

When hunting prairie dogs, search for burrow-openings in the plains, which appear as holes in the ground. For people to whom driving miles and miles through plains searching for prairie dog holes is unappealing, guided hunts are available. Most states in the Great Plains region offer guided hunts for prairie dogs. Hunting guides provide hunters with knowledgeable tours of the best prairie dog towns. Some prairie dog guides boast of special access to private lands, which host towns that are less frequented by hunters and therefore more abundantly inhabited with prairie dogs. Once at the prairie dog town, camp with a long-range rifle at a range of 200 to 500 yards away from the town as to not startle the prairie dogs by your presence.

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