What Type of Information Does the Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report Provide?


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The Chesapeake Bay fishing report provides information such as the type of fish that are available in the Bay and the best techniques used to catch them. These techniques include chumming, chunking, trolling, angling or jigging. The report also gives the temperature of the water.

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Dam operations are another piece of information that is important to fishermen, because whether the dam is opened or closed affects the quality of the water and the fishing.

Other types of information in the report include the size and type of fish that can be caught. One report posted in late May 2015 informed potential fishermen that they could only catch two striped bass 20 inches or longer, or one under 28 inches and one over 28 inches, a day.

The report also relays where the best fishing for certain types of fish is found. For example, one report claimed that striped bass and white perch were abundant near submerged structures such as collapsed docks and rocks, the edges of channels, and areas in the upper bay.

Advice on the best bait to use is also given in the report. The best bait for croakers includes crab, bloodworms, wild shrimp, clam, clam snouts as well as squid and artificial bait.

The report also posts testimonials from fishermen who describe their catch and the water conditions.

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