How Do You Know Which Type of Fish Hook to Buy?


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Sources like Outdoor Life provide guides to help determine which fishing hooks and lures are suited to which environments, times of day and quarries. Magazines and publications like Outdoor Life provide a bridge between casual fishers and professional anglers, allowing everyday hobbyists to benefit from professional experience.

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The types of fishing hooks needed to go after certain fish vary widely depending on the fish, the time of year, the light during the time chosen for fishing and a number of other factors. Without a guide to selecting hooks, this can prove an impossible barrier to new anglers trying to enter the field.

Outdoor Life provides short pieces written on many of the basic types of hooks, along with briefs on the types of fish they should be used to pursue. These descriptions also include the sorts of bait that should be mounted on a given type of hook and information about the common compositions of these hooks.

The hooks are also rated along lines of ease of use so that new anglers can come to grips with increasingly complex equipment. Some hooks demand careful handling and baiting in order to catch their target species. While hooks are built to attract and trap certain fish, they can hook anything.

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