What Type of Commercial Sports Equipment Is Used in Football?


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Among the main commercial equipment used in football are helmets, shoulder pads, cleats, pants, mouth guards and footballs. Pads to protect the thigh, knee and hip are also major pieces of equipment.

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What Type of Commercial Sports Equipment Is Used in Football?
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In addition to footballs, other equipment necessary for the game includes goal posts, kicking tees, yard markers, paint for the yard lines on the field and a scoreboard. Most leagues also use sideline markers with the yard lines (50, 40, 30 and so on.) included. Goal post pads also are available.

Helmets include face masks and chin straps, and mouth guards also are used by most players. All uniform pieces - helmets, jerseys, pants, girdles, gloves, socks, pads - are generally provided by the league or team. High schools typically do not provide cleats, mouth guards or cups/supporters, but colleges and professional teams usually have every element of the uniform available for their players.

Other uniform accessories include arm and elbow pads, back plates, visors, neck rolls and rib protectors. Players also use towels and, during the colder months, hand warmers.

Some quarterbacks and some other players typically wear wrist coaches, and many players wear eye black to kill the glare of the lights or sun. Many players also use tape over their shoelaces.

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