How Do You True a Bike Wheel?

How Do You True a Bike Wheel?

To true a bike wheel, secure the bicycle upside down, identify and tighten the problem spokes, spin the wheel to check your work, and repeat until the wheel is true. This 30-minute process requires a spoke wrench, tape and a work space with excellent lighting.

  1. Position the bicycle

    Bring the bicycle to a brightly-lit work area, turn it upside down, and elevate the out-of-true wheel so it is level with your chest.

  2. Identify the problem spokes

    Examine the wheel and spokes. With your eyes on one of the brake pads, spin the wheel slowly, and watch for wobbling as the spokes pass the brake pad. When you see the wobble, stop the wheel, and wiggle the nearby spokes until you locate the loose ones. These are the spokes that require tightening.

  3. Tighten the loose spokes

    Rotate the wheel so that one of the loose spokes is at the top. Place a spoke wrench over the spoke nipple, and give it a clockwise half-turn. Mark the spoke with tape, and repeat with the remaining loose spokes.

  4. Spin the wheel

    Spin the wheel to gauge your progress, and tighten the spokes again. Alternate tightening and spinning until the spokes are secure and the wheel does not wobble.