How Do You True a Bicycle Wheel?

How Do You True a Bicycle Wheel?

To true a wheel, align the wheel on a truing stand following its alignment guides. Use a spoke wrench to turn the spoke nipples until the rim is equally distant from the alignment guides.

  1. Place the wheel in the truing stand

    Remove the wheel from the bicycle, and position the hubs into the truing stand holders. Align the calipers on the truing stand to 3 millimeters from the rim.

  2. Spin the wheel, and watch from the rear

    Stand behind the wheel, and gently spin it while in the truing stand. Look for wobbles or the rim touching the alignment guides.

  3. Tighten the spokes

    Place the nipple wrench on the spoke nipple at the section of the rim that showed wobble or hit the alignment guides. Use 1/4 turn increments to turn the spoke nipple clockwise to tighten.

  4. Spin and repeat

    Spin the wheel again, and watch for further wobbling. Mark the section of the rim where the wobble occurs using a marker or grease pencil. Tighten the spokes at this section of the wheel using the 1/4 turn tightening method with the nipple wrench.

  5. Pluck the spokes and listen

    Pluck the spokes on the rim, and listen to each one as you circulate around the wheel. Listen for a tight snap, indicating the spoke is tight and adjusted. Spin the wheel once more to verify that it has no wobble.