Does Triple H Have Kids?

WWE wrestler Paul Michael Levesque, also known as Triple H or Hunter Hearst Helmsley, has three children with his wife Stephanie McMahon as of 2015. Their first daughter, Aurora Rose, was born in 2006, followed by Murphy Claire in 2008 and Vaughn Evelyn in 2010.

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon became an onscreen married couple in 2000. The two started dating in real life and married in 2003, in an event graced by 320 friends and colleagues.

Born July 12, 1969 in Nashua, N.H., Triple H started his professional wrestling career in 1992 under the name Terra Ryzing in the International Wrestling Federation. He moved to World Championship Wrestling in 1992 as Jean-Paul Lévesque before his eventual move to the World Wrestling Federation, now known as WWE, in 1995.