What Are Some Trapshooting Tips?


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Some trapshooting tips, according to OutdoorHub, are to close one eye when aiming at the target to avoid shooting behind the target, not look behind the sight bead and draw in the gun snugly on the shoulders for maintaining control and reducing recoil shock. Taking a deep breath calms the nerves and allows more oxygen into the eye, which boosts vision on the target.

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What Are Some Trapshooting Tips?
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Avoid placing the gun on the shoulder too quickly. Place the gun's bead target ahead of the target before pulling the trigger. The gun must remain below the target. Rest the cheek on the comb of the gun to minimize recoil. The comb should accommodate the shooter's facial dimensions. Shock-absorbent material, or a towel on the comb, is a suitable option for resting the head. When calling for the target, retain a full grip and keep the head on the comb.

Hold the gun down to the traphouse before calling for the shot. This allows the shooter to see the target better; however, shooters must compensate by swinging the gun more. Follow the target as if it's a freight train on railroad tracks. Follow the muzzle along the fictional track until catching up with the target. When swinging with the gun, pivot the hips and upper body to avoid jerky movements. Don't rush when shooting, and keep the eye on the target.

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