How Do You Trap an Armadillo?

How Do You Trap an Armadillo?

To trap an armadillo, set up a cage-style box trap near its burrow. This style of trap is both humane and effective.

Armadillos mainly eat insects, larvae and worms. Because many of their food sources live in the ground, they often dig in lawns and garden beds, causing damage to plants and landscaping. People can get rid of these pests humanely by trapping and releasing them in a different location. They can do so using the following steps.

  1. Choose a trap
  2. Metal box traps such as the Havahart trap are usually the most effective traps for armadillos. These are available with one door or two doors. Two-door traps can be easier to use. Wear gloves when handling the trap, as human scents can deter armadillos.

  3. Add bait (optional)
  4. Traps can be effective without bait. However, people who wish to use bait can add mealworms, spoiled meat or overripe fruit. Place the bait at the end of a one-door trap or place it in the center of a two-door trap.

  5. Set up the trap
  6. Armadillos are active at night; therefore, it is important to set up the trap before it gets dark outside. Place the trap near the armadillo's burrow or along the pathway to its burrow. Make wings out of boards or portable garden fencing. This helps funnel the armadillo into the trap.