How Are Trampoline Tricks Done?


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Many trampoline tricks are done by bouncing into the air and dropping down using hands, knees, arms, the buttocks or the entire body. Dexterity is the key to mastering basic bouncing tricks. Before attempting tricks, a person should learn how to correctly perform the basic bounce and check bounce moves. These moves are important for practicing safe landings while attempting tricks.

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The Knee drop is a basic trampoline trick that requires a person to keep his back straight while landing. Jumpers can prepare for the knee drop by kneeling on the trampoline with their toes pointed and arms stretched upwards. Then, they must stand up and do three small bobbing bounces. On the third bob, jumpers must flex their legs and land on their knees instead of on their feet. The seat drop is another basic trick that starts with three small bounces. On the third bounce, instead of landing on his feet, the bouncer will land on his buttocks in a seated position. To do this move correctly, the legs should be straight and the toes should be pointed upward.

Safety should always be a major concern when attempting trampoline tricks. According to USA Today, backyard trampoline accidents account for thousands of emergency hospital visits each year. Learning proper bouncing techniques and using protective nets can minimize trampoline accidents.

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