How Do You Do a Tornado Kick?

How Do You Do a Tornado Kick?

Performing a tornado kick is a process that can be completed in a few seconds with sufficient practice. In order to do a tornado kick, you will need access to an area where it is safe to jump and kick without hurting yourself.

  1. Step forward

    Put your right leg behind your left leg. Lift your right leg up off of the ground, and extend it completely forward, taking a full step. Your left foot should be behind your right foot. Step quickly enough to build and carry momentum from this maneuver through the rest of the kick.

  2. Perform a spin step

    Turn your head so that you are looking over your left shoulder, and lift your left knee. Do not step forward with your left knee. Leave your knee in the air, and begin rotating it to the left. Once your knee has rotated just past 180 degrees, move into the actual kick.

  3. Jump and kick

    Kick with your right leg while continuing to finish the rotation of your left knee. Your left foot should land on the ground during the kick. Use the momentum from this movement to land softly with your right foot in front of your left.