What Are Some Tips and Tricks for Catching Catfish?

What Are Some Tips and Tricks for Catching Catfish?

Tips and tricks for catching catfish include choosing the right bait, putting the hook point all the way through the bait, fishing when it's dark outside and moving around if you aren't catching anything. Since catfish are large fish, reeling one in usually requires a large, sturdy fishing rod.

Catfish, especially those weighing 10 pounds or more, eat smaller fish, so fish baits work well. Fish to use as bait include shad, skipjack, perch and herring.

If the fisher buries the hook point into the bait, the point must pierce the bait before it is able to hook the catfish. This often results in catfish biting the bait without getting hooked. Since catfish don't know what a hook is, it isn't necessary to bury it in the bait. Leaving it exposed makes it easier to hook the fish.

When the sun is out, catfish swim in deeper, darker areas of water for safety. Fishers are more likely to catch catfish when the sun isn't out, including during the early morning or the evening.

During a catfish feeding period, it usually takes between 10 and 30 minutes for catfish to find bait. If a fisher doesn't get any bites within this time period, he should move to a new spot or adjust the depth of his line.