What Are Some Tips for Successful Saltwater Fishing?


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When saltwater fishing, always make sure to use the right fishing knot, and keep any live bait in good condition. Also, always make sure the leader is in good condition and all equipment is kept in good condition between fishing trips.

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Fishing knots need to be able to retain 100 percent of their strength when tied, so a weak or improper knot could cost an angler dearly. The Bimini twist is a popular knot that retains all of its strength consistently, but serious anglers should always carry a knot manual with them just to be sure. When using live bait, keep it out of direct sunlight, and any aquatic bait requires a water bait aerator to maintain sufficient oxygen levels. If a water bait aerator is not available, change the water every two hours, since warm water doesn't hold as much oxygen as cool water.

When using a leader, make sure the knot area and the area above remain undamaged. Cut off any damaged or frayed areas, as they weaken the line and make catching large fish more difficult. Also, soak the reel in freshwater for about two to four hours after finishing saltwater fishing, ensuring that all the saltwater gets off the reel and line.

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