What Are Some Tips for Soccer Strikers?


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Tips for soccer strikers include shooting the ball often, pressuring the opposing defenders and goalkeeper when they have the ball, staying near the other striker on the team, and continuing to move at all times. The striker's job is to score, so every action taken should be aimed at scoring or creating scoring opportunities.

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Strikers should continually work on improving their speed as it is a key aspect of the position. They also need to be in excellent physical condition so they can run throughout the game. Strikers should train their ball control abilities as they are expected to receive balls with all areas of their body.

Strikers also have to be able to score from a variety of positions, so they should practice many different shots, including headers. When the opportunity to score is presented, strikers need to stay calm and weigh their attacking options. They shouldn't give any indication of the direction they're committing to until the last moment. The corners of the goal are good areas to aim for, as the goalkeeper can defend only one corner. Faking a shot is also a good strategy to fool the goalkeeper. Strikers should train together so they can work together well on the field. Strikers are often referred to as forwards.

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