What Are Some Tips for Serving a Volleyball Overhand?


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Overhand serves in volleyball are the most effective and powerful to initiate play. To complete an overhand serve correctly, a player must develop balance, coordination, power and follow through.

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What Are Some Tips for Serving a Volleyball Overhand?

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In volleyball a strong overhand serve allows teams to pick apart the other team's defense from the start. For a strong serve, the player needs to stand four to five feet behind the baseline with the ball in her nondominant hand being held straight out in front of her. The player's feet need to be matching her arms, meaning her nondominant foot is in front with her dominant foot behind her. The toss of the ball needs to be in time with the dominant foot stepping forward, as this helps maintain the balance through the swing. The dominant arm should be drawn back at shoulder height, similar to the motion of drawing back an arrow on a bow. The hand needs to be open to allow maximal coverage of the ball. Once the ball is tossed, the player swings her arm straight overhead and contacts the ball at the highest point of her reach. When the hand contacts the ball, the player needs to snap her wrist down and finish with the follow through. This is where the power, strength and speed of the serve comes from. All these steps need to work in conjunction for the serve to be the most effective.

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