What Are Some Tips for Scouts Working on Merit Badges?


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To attain merit badges, pace the work and try to focus on a few badges a year instead of trying to accomplish as many as possible all at once. Working with others to earn the same badges can build a stronger companionship experience and result in more fun during the exercises. Scouts can work together to begin badge projects and pool their resources to earn their badges.

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To earn an environmental science badge, Scouts should practice their environmental awareness in a Scout camp environment that provides access to interesting parts of the wilderness. In comparison, trying to achieve this badge at home may only result in the observation of household insects and birds.

When working on the fitness badges, such as the cycling, swimming or hiking badge, Scouts should pace themselves to avoid running out of energy during the heavier or more physically demanding parts of the exercise. The cycling and swimming badges are particularly intensive for those who have not trained in the sports before, and they may be difficult to attain without the proper practice and experience.

To earn the first aid badge, scouts are encouraged to work with others to learn more about medical techniques and how they can perform triage if needed.

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