What Are Some Tips for Playing Tennis for Beginners?


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Beginner tennis players should begin preparing early by positioning their body correctly and exaggerating the follow through. Some other tips for beginners include finding a good foundation and focusing on recovering quickly after a hit.

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People who are new to playing tennis should focus on their body and form at all times. Before the ball bounces onto their side, the tennis player should already be turning their hips and shoulders toward the incoming ball. Put the racquet back, and get ready for it. When following through, try to exaggerate it and move the feet in addition to just hitting the ball.

A good rule of thumb for new players is never letting the ball bounce twice. If it has bounced once already, take a dive for it even if the shot seems impossible. Run and attempt to hit the ball, regardless of where it is heading. After hitting a ball, make sure to recover instantly. Don’t focus on the hit or what the other player is doing.

Get back into position to recover as quickly as possible. This makes the player ready for the next hit. In terms of recovering, watch pro tennis players and see how they recover before even looking to see how well their last hit went. This is the goal.

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