What Are Some Tips for Playing High School Soccer?

What Are Some Tips for Playing High School Soccer?

Tips for playing high school soccer include being in peak physical condition, playing at a fast pace, and developing advanced skills, such as passing to open spaces and moving effectively without the ball. Maintaining a positive attitude is also important during tryouts, practices and games.

To be in peak physical condition, the player should eat a nutritious diet, drink plenty of water, and perform strength, speed and endurance training exercises. At similar skill levels, superior athletic ability gives a player an advantage. Showing up to tryouts and practices in shape demonstrates to coaches that the player is committed to soccer, which makes him more likely to make the team and get playing time.

As players gain skill in soccer, they play the game faster. To learn to play faster, the player can force himself to make quick decisions by only holding the ball for two seconds or only touching it once before passing.

Soccer teams attack faster and more fluidly when players pass to open spaces, anticipating where their team mates are going to be and when they move without the ball to the correct attacking positions. Players develop these skills through drills.

A player can demonstrate a positive attitude by working hard at all times, helping his team mates and never complaining. Not only do coaches appreciate this, but it also improves the entire team's mood, which helps them play better.