What Are Some Tips for Mullet Fishing With a Hook?


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Tips for catching mullet include using a small handline able to support 4 to 6 pounds and a small number 10 to 12 hook. Bait hooks with small pieces of bread, sausage, hot dog or even cheese or use a natural bait such as maggots, meal worms and other small larvae.

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Mullet are attracted to areas containing discarded fish and other food scraps so bait or chum to the water before casting a line. Place broken pieces of bread or moist cat food in a mesh bag, section of stocking or other material that releases small amounts of food into the water, and then position the bag in the water. Repeating this process on multiple days conditions the fish to gather in the same location.

Mullet are frequently overlooked as a game fish because of their reputation as scavengers. These fish commonly gather around dock bait stations, piers, fishing boats and other areas that might provide them with a plentiful food source. Mullet tend to be aggressive fighters and can be challenging to catch once hooked. When line-fishing for mullet, preparing the water or chumming fishing locations in advance is often just as important as bait selection and presentation. Open-water harbors and marinas are often ideal locations to fish for mullet.

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