What Are Some Tips for Learning Parkour Tricks?


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A few tips for learning parkour tricks include finding a local community with whom to train and learn, locating adequate spots to train movements, and starting with simple techniques such as balancing and landing. Other basic skills to train include vaults, quadrupedal movements and jumps.

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To learn parkour movements safely and efficiently, seek help from more experienced practitioners by training with a local parkour group or taking classes at a parkour gym, if your city has one. When searching for a training spot, look for public areas such as parks with a high concentration of rails, curbs and other obstacles, or go to a martial arts or CrossFit gym to learn in a more controlled environment. Start with quadrupedal movements to hone your coordination and gain a full-body workout, then move on to landing from small heights, focusing on quiet, gentle landings.

Practice balance before learning more complex movements such as jumps, walking along curbs or low railings. Try standing jumps at ground level, focusing on good form, and practice many times before starting to work on running jumps. Work on vaulting over low obstacles 2 to 4 feet in height before moving on to climbing and running up walls. To learn proper form for each movement, ask a more experienced practitioner or watch a tutorial with parkour for beginners by a reliable organization such as Apex Movement or American Parkour.

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