What Are Some Tips for Installing Grips on Golf Clubs?


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Some tips for installing grips on gold clubs are using a hook blade to cut off the old grips to prevent damage to the shaft and securing the club using a protective rubber vise clamp. Allow the newly installed grips to dry for several hours before using the club.

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For graphite-shafted clubs, avoid tightening the vise too tightly, which can cause the shaft to crack. Properly install new grips at least once every year so that your swing remains consistent.

The design and material of new grips can make a difference and should be chosen with care. Avoid leather grips because they are tacky when dry and slippery when wet. The design of the grip largely affects the "feel" of the club during a shot. Slight, straight or reduced tapers appeal differently between individual golfers, so choose a grip based on your own preferences.

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