What Are Some Tips for Going Go Karting?

What Are Some Tips for Going Go Karting?

When go kart driving, people should avoid hitting other karts, stay away from the barriers and track edges, avoid stopping on the racetrack and use all gear smoothly, including the brakes, accelerator and steering wheel, as driving with smooth motions leads to faster track times. People looking to increase their speed should also follow faster drivers to avoid getting stuck behind slow-moving vehicles, according to Pole Position Raceway. Braking on straightaways instead of turns also improves speed and safety, as applying brakes on turns can cause tires to lose their grip.

When driving, people ideally gain and carry momentum consistently through the course. A good way to do this is to make wide circles around the track, says Pole Position Raceway. Making wide circles also helps people exit quickly and easily.

For faster times, people should follow faster drivers. This reduces the likelihood of getting stuck behind a slower driver. Following the movements and lines of better drivers improves times, but people should leave adequate room for the car in front to ensure safe driving.

Reducing sliding is another go kart technique. Generally, it is more important to prevent the front tires from sliding than the rear tires, notes Pole Position Raceway. Riders can even let the rear tires slide a little during turns. Provided people do not hit other karts or barriers, they should not lose much momentum and speed.

For safe driving, people should never stop on the track. Long hair should be tied back. Drivers wear closed-toe shoes for safety, along with helmets. People may need to meet certain height requirements, and may not be allowed to ride with certain medical conditions, such as head, neck and cardiac issues.