What Are Some Tips on Frog Gigging?


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To successfully hunt frogs, a boat, a frog-gigging tool and a bright light are necessary. Most regions also require individuals to carry a hunting license to comply with local hunting regulations.

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To locate frogs, use a canoe or other small boat and explore the areas near a riverbank, such as coves and inlets, where frogs are typically found. Frogs may also be found in ponds and other small bodies of water during autumn and early spring, which allows hunters to reach the frogs without a boat.

A headlamp is an essential tool for frog hunting, particularly if the frogs are caught without a gig. Typically, it is necessary to grab the frog with both hands while moving alongside the bank. Stopping the boat completely may cause a delay that allows the frog to escape. After locating a frog, aim the light directly at the animal to prevent it from moving, then move toward the amphibian slowly. Gig or grab the frog as quickly as possible after it is within reach.

It is necessary to have a hunting license for each person that catches frogs, since in some regions, the quantity and size of the frogs captured may be limited. It is also recommended that each hunter have their own cooler or metal stringer to comply with local laws regarding the number of frogs caught.

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