What Are Some Tips for Finding a Local Gun Range?

What Are Some Tips for Finding a Local Gun Range?

Enthusiasts can find a local gun range using the National Shooting Sports Foundation directory. Those looking for a gun range can go to WhereToShoot.org and click on the "Find a place to shoot" to get to the directory search engine.

Once gun enthusiasts start looking for a local gun range, they may find that there are multiple options to choose from. The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) offers a custom search filter to help narrow down potential ranges by certain criteria. It is possible to find a range by the length of the range, different practice options, different weapon options and equipment rentals.

Enthusiasts may also want to review the list of five-star ranges, which are the best quality facilities according to a rating system set up by the NSSF.

It is also a good idea to check out each range beforehand. Range fees often vary for men, women and children. Plus, facilities can offer equipment rentals for those who don't own a gun. Some also run specials and freebie days to encourage visitors to come in.

Be sure to review the rules for the gun range ahead of time. When in doubt, ask the range master for help regarding rules or using the facilities or weapons.