What Are Some Tips for Finding Cheap Hot Air Balloon Rides?

Customers looking for cheap hot air balloon rides may consider checking out nearby balloon festivals where vendors set up with discounted ride tickets. These tickets may still be over $100 a ride. For a quick thrill, customers might look at a tethered balloon, which only hovers about 30 feet above ground and costs $25 or less as of 2015.

Another option for customers is to look at coupon savings sites. These sites offer printable coupons and codes available for a wide range of retailers, according to RetailMeNot.com.

  1. Visit RetailMeNot
  2. Go to the RetailMeNot website. Go to the Browse Coupons button in the top of the page. Click it to see a drop-down menu. Select Browse by Category.

  3. Narrow down the category
  4. Click on the Travel category. Scroll down to the Related Categories menu on the left side of the page. Click Show All and scroll down to Attractions in the menu. Click on this link. On the next page, go to the Related Categories menu again. Look for the Hot Air Balloon Rides link and click it.

  5. Review the coupons
  6. Scroll through the available coupons and deals. Click on the Get Deal or Get Code button to receive the special offer for a balloon ride on another page.