What Are Some Tips for Filling Out a Big Ten Men's Basketball Tournament Bracket?

When filling out a Big Ten Men's basketball bracket, the most important thing to know is the rankings of each Big Ten school, both in terms of where they rank in conference play and how high they rank nationally. It is also important to know the results of head-to-head match ups in conference games for the current season.

Once this research is complete, fill out the bracket. Start with the first round. The first round consists of two games between the lowest performing members of the conference. Specifically, the 11th ranked Big Ten team plays against the 14th ranked team, and the 12th place team faces the 13th ranked team.

In the second round, the winners of these two games play the 6th and 5th seeds in the tournament, respectively. Meanwhile, the conference's 8th and 9th place teams face off, as do the 7th and 10th place teams. The winning team from each of these match ups plays the 3rd, 4th, 1st and 2nd ranked team, respectively.

Generally speaking, when filling out a bracket it is wise to select the higher-ranked team. There are several exceptions, however. For instance, if the 7th versus 10th team match up is a difficult one to pick a winner for, it might be smart to look at whether the teams played each other during the season and, if so, what the result was. Other helpful information might be how both teams finished the season; if one team finished stronger than the other, that might indicate the stronger-finishing team could have the advantage. Other critical information in selecting a winner includes whether there are any notable injuries for either team, how far each team has to travel, and whether there are any reports of conflict in the locker room.