What Are Some Tips on Creating Good Food Plots for Deer?


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To create a deer plot, make the plot naturally shaped by avoiding rows when planting crops, and gradually taper the outside edge of the plot to match the surrounding landscape. Add cedar piles or other debris to provide the deer with cover, and choose plants that attract deer and are suitable for the season. Avoid growing deer plots if it isn't legal in your region, and remove the plot before hunting season if it is required by local regulations.

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If the deer aren't hunted, it is not necessary to remove the food plot before hunting season. For a fast-growing deer plot, broadcast oat seed combined with clover seed, or another cold-hardy plant seed, over the plot. Choose a cold-hardy oat seed variety to ensure the plants can withstand cooler autumn temperatures.

If possible, locate the plot near a water source, and choose a location that is near grassy fields or other areas favored by deer, such as wooded areas that contain cedar, pine or honeysuckle.

To attract deer during the summer months, plant crops like sorghum, sunflowers, soy beans and corn. At the end of summer, plant kale, turnips or wheat mixed with crimson clover to attract deer to the plot. A combination of alfalfa and clover is an option to attract deer when sandy soil is present on the property.

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