What Are Some Tips for Conducting Volleyball Tryouts?

To conduct a volleyball tryout, follow a tryout plan, determine the right type of players for the team, test the six primary volleyball skills, and have each player wear identification. The best method for tryouts vary depending on the skill and age level of the players.

A detailed tryout plan includes the tryout format and all the drills the coach wants players to perform, along with what to look for in each drill. A tryout plan keeps the tryout fast-paced and reduces the amount of time players stand around waiting for instructions.

The coach can either select the most skilled volleyball players, the most athletic volleyball players or a mix of both. If he's looking for the most skilled players, he should choose drills that focus on skills. If he's looking for the most athletic players, he should choose drills that test athletic ability. He should test all six volleyball skills in any event. Serving, setting, passing and hitting are offensive skills. Blocking and defense are defensive skills.

Each player should wear identification. Identification options include the player's name on the back of the shirt or assigning each player a number.

The coach should run tryouts for inexperienced players the same way as a practice. This gives the team additional practice time before the first game. For a team with multiple age groups, such as a high school varsity team, the coach may want to select the most skilled senior players and the younger players with the most athletic ability, as he has more time to develop these players.