What Some Tips for Choosing a Volleyball Team Name?


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Tips for choosing a volleyball team name include getting all the players' input regarding the team name and selecting a name appropriate for the team's league. Possible ideas for team names include basing the name on the team's location, using an animal or using the same name as a professional sports team. Two-syllable words work well for team names because they're easy for people to chant.

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To get all the players' input for a team name, the coach can ask them to think of name ideas and vote for the name they like the most. One way to narrow down the possible names is having the players decide on a theme for the name first, such as a funny name or a movie name. By asking players for name choices, the coach is able to select a name that fits the persona of the team.

Rules regarding team names vary based on the league. While a recreational league for adults may allow mature team names, leagues for children or students often don't. The coach should check with the league regarding its team name policy and err on the side of caution with mature or possibly offensive names.

For competitive leagues, the team should select a professional name and avoid joke names. A professional name shows that the team is serious about winning, which may give them a mental edge.

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