What Are Some Tips on Catching Striped Bass?


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To catch striped bass, reel lures in more quickly than usual, try fishing in white water, or switch to high contrast, high visibility lures. Fishing in the hour after dusk is another good way to catch striped bass.

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Striped bass are saltwater fish commonly found in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of the eastern United States and Canada. They spawn in some rivers on the eastern seaboard as well. Striped bass respond to quick movements. Most lures allow the fisherman to reel in quite quickly, attracting the attention of bass that respond to fast-moving prey items.

Fishing in the white water break closest to deep water also yields success with striped bass. Bass often refuse to strike lures in clear water, perhaps because the lure doesn't look natural, but they are fooled when visibility is lower. Fishing during the hour after dusk often works for the same reason. Hungry fish that are cautious in light strike more aggressively in the dark.

Lures in high-contrast colors, such as yellow and black or red-black, attract striped bass under certain conditions. If lures fail, resort to real prey items. Options include menhaden or other small whole bait fish, cut pieces of bait fish, clams or bloodworms.

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