What Are Some Tips for Catching Sockeye Salmon?


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When fishing for sockeye salmon, make sure to use a long enough rod and strong enough reel because they can be quite large and heavy. Use at least a medium action rod and a conventional drag reel. Sockeye salmon are known to respond particularly strongly to red or pink lures that are small to moderate in size. This may be because sockeye salmon diets consist mainly of krill and shrimp. Sockeye salmon also have a notable attraction to flashers.

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Sockeye salmon have been known to chase lures for long distances, making it ideal to use strong-braided mainline that is long enough to run for dozens of yards. Boats are also useful for catching sockeye salmon because the lure can make sharp turns and change speeds easily and quickly. Trolling lures can be especially handy for catching sockeye salmon, as the long ends float and catch in the water as the lure moves through it.

Combine a red or pink troll lure with a flasher, and place it on a barrel swivel. Run this lure and flasher combination through the water at moderate speed for maximum flashiness and lure movement to catch the sockeye salmon's attention. Use the barrel swivel to connect the mainline to a fluorocarbon leader to extend the length and lure movement flexibility.

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