What Are Some Tips for Catching and Landing a Particularly Big Catfish?


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To catch and successfully land a big catfish, choose the right bait, use proper gear and select the right spot for fishing. A landing net and having someone to help also come in handy.

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Big bait is best for catching a big catfish. Use active and live bait such as a large perch; trim its tail fin using a pair of scissors so that it struggles and creates more noise in the water.

Use a good hook and line and a fishing rod 7 inches or longer to make a large catfish much more manageable and to provide more control over the fish. The size of the hook should correspond to the size of the bait.

When fishing, keep the baits off the bottom with the float rigs because smaller catfish hug the bottom where it’s safer for them. Large catfish are more aggressive and just cruise around looking for an easy meal. Keeping the bait off the bottom increases your chances of attracting a large catfish.

When landing the catfish, play it using the arms and the rod. Playing the fish involves pointing the rod straight up to allow the bend of the rod to tire the fish. Use a big, sturdy landing net to avoid losing the fish.

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