What Are Some Tips for Caring for Happijac Camper Jacks?


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Tips for caring for an electric Happijac camper jack include running the jack regularly, lubricating the crank socket and waxing the exterior of the camper jack using automotive wax. An electric Happijac camper jack can be lowered or retracted manually in the event the remote control is lost or the battery is dead.

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Running the jack regularly lubricates the area along the screw and keeps the jack in good working condition. The jack should be operated at least twice a year if it is stored or not used regularly.

Lubricate the exterior of the manual crank socket to reduce friction and allow for easy operation, especially when retracting the jack by hand. Newer jack models have holes inside the sockets for lubrication. Good quality three-in-one light oil is sufficient for lubricating the jack.

Wipe off black residue on the jack using a clean soapy rug. Black residue may seep out of the crack socket, especially after lubrication. Clean a dirty camper jack with warm, soapy water, and allow it to dry before applying wax. Automotive wax maintains the jack’s exterior color and removes rust stains. Wax the jack at least twice a year.

Lastly, store the jack away from extreme weather when possible to preserve its life. It may be worth investing in a storage box if the jack is stored in a truck bed, especially during winter.

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