What Are Some Tips for Buying Used Golf Clubs?


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Some tips for buying used golf clubs include finding the perfect fit, getting a half set, and looking for damage and excessive wear and tear. Getting a good putter and a set in a modern design are a few more essential tips.

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Golf clubs must be in sync with the player's height and weight. Most clubs are made to standard sizes. Players above 6 feet in height or below 5 feet play best with shafts that are an inch longer or shorter than the norm. Golf clubs for women are usually shorter and lighter.

Used clubs usually have some degree of wear and tear. Check if the club heads are loose or if the heads of the irons are worn smooth. Do not buy clubs that have rust on them or dents and scratches in the steel or graphite shaft. Replace worn-out grips, as they are inexpensive. Players who are entirely new to the game can save money by buying a half set of clubs. Half sets typically include two woods, four irons and a putter.

Spending a little extra to get clubs with modern ergonomics is worth the expense. Woods with big club faces and irons with perimeter weighting help novices hit better and more accurately. Select used putters that look good and feel well balanced in the hand. Game improvement techniques added to the latest woods, irons and putters make them a better alternative even if they are pre-owned.

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