What Are Some Tips for Buying Used Boats in Maryland?

When buying a used boat in Maryland, the purchaser should review the mechanical quality and appearance of the boat. Getting an inspection beforehand is always a good idea. BoatTrader is a good resource for finding used boats in Maryland.

One of the first things to look at when buying a used boat is the overall appearance. A first impression based on how it looks makes a big difference in its overall quality. If a boat looks worn down and like it has seen better days, that might also reflect the mechanical condition of the boat. Even if it looks perfect from the outside, a closer look at the vessel is necessary. Looking at flooring materials, lifting objects on the boat to look underneath, and looking for signs of mold, moss or discoloration are necessary actions. Checking for signs of corrosion and rust on metal and wooden surfaces is also a good idea.

To check the mechanical condition of the boat, an individual should inspect the engine to see if it looks clean, as this is a sign that the owner likely took good care of his boat. A lot of grime or rust near seals and gaskets can be a bad sign. Signs of leaks, cooling system problems or issues with frozen plugs can also be red flags. Other things to check include the oil and other fluids, battery, steering cables and bilge pump.