What Are Some Tips for Buying Hunting Land in Wisconsin?

Various online resources exist for those people interested in buying hunting land in Wisconsin, such as BuyWisconsinLand.com and Land-WI.com. However, finding a property that fits particular needs is challenging, so interested buyers might consider purchasing land through a licensed real estate agent who knows Wisconsin and its hunting areas well.

Wisconsin has a number of different types of wildlife that are legal to hunt at various times of year, including turkey, waterfowl, bear, whitetail deer and elk. Hunters can find these animals in abundance in different parts of the state, so take into consideration which wildlife you are most interested in hunting before purchasing land.

Interested buyers should also consider the property taxes on a particular piece of land before buying. In Wisconsin, property taxes vary by county. For example, Marathon county property taxes are higher than those in neighboring Clark county.

Those who want to build a cabin on their hunting land must also take into consideration the local zoning laws. Many recreational parcels are not fit to build on, and zoning laws may also affect what structures are allowed to be built on recreational hunting land. Hunting land with an existing cabin sells quickly and usually at premium.