What Are Some Tips for Buying Curling Stones?


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The surface and weight are among the items to consider when buying curling stones. Evaluate a stone's circumference, height, composition and cost prior to a purchase.

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Most curling stones are made from blue hone granite. Check the surface for its smoothness; a shiny, polished surface glides easier on the ice.

Adult competitive stones are 4.5 inches in height and have a circumference no greater than 36 inches. The weight for curling stones is between 38 and 44 pounds.

The cost of curling stones is important for new clubs or clubs that seek replacement stones. The cost for most models range from $450 to $600, as of 2016, which equates to a cost of between $7,000 and $9,600 for the 16 stones needed for one ice sheet.

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